October 20, 2008

Add another to the pile!

Here's another quilt to add to McKinley's pile, it wasn't finished when we took that picture of her.(see older post to get the scoop) This quilt isn't very big, it just covers the car seat or it makes a great tummy quilt. The colors are browns, pinks and oranges and the pattern is just a big log cabin block. I added some pink ric-rac to the last border and after it was quilted I scalloped the two ends. You can't see it very well but the middle and outside border is the cutest fabric, I think I liked it because it reminded me of a bike I had when I was in elementary school.

McKinley all snuggled up to Grammie with her new quilt.


Shortcake and Company said...

Oh, I love that quilt. You always choose such great fabric. She looks so cozy!

Alice said...

I had a banana seat bike when I was little too.

Shannon, do you do your own quilting?

Theresa said...