October 13, 2008

New Handbags!

Do you love handbags? There's an up and coming new purse website. Check it out and enter to win a new handbag! It's


deborah peake said...

What a beautiful baby miss m is!! You have a beautiful family and what a wonderful talent you have. They couldn't have picked a more perfect person to teach sewing. I need to come and have you teach me. Thanks for sharing it with me. I enjoyed reading about everyone and had a really good cry. I miss all of you sooo much. Love ya, Deborah

deborah peake said...

Who wouldn't love a handbag!!!!This is really a fun little blog page you have. How fun..Thanks again for sharing with me.. nLove ya, Deborah (McKinley looks like she belongs. Looks alot like that darling mother..)