October 8, 2008

Did you know you can have fun in Levan!

On Monday I traveled to Levan again to spend the day with Kaitlyn and McKinley. Kira called and said she and the kids were heading down as soon as Hatch was done with school, so we decided to meet in Nephi for lunch. We haven't had our girl's day out for quite awhile so it was nice to get together. We headed back to Levan to visit and have some fun with Little Miss M. And oh did we have fun, the pictures prove it! I thought this was so cute how the girls had their babies in tow including Karas, she's becoming such a little mommy herself! This is in front of Kaitlyn's house, she lives in the basement apartment.
Hatch and Karas were having a ball playing with this huge box that Kaitlyn's rocking chair came in, they would close the lid and Karas would jump out and just giggle. Isn't it fun how they can entertain themselves with something so simple as a cardboard box.
Now the fun, Kira hadn't seen McKinley's nursery yet so she went in to see it and couldn't believe all the clothes and blankets in her closet. (And no this Grammie didn't spoil her with all of these) I had the idea to take a picture of Miss M in front of her new wardrobe, then it blossomed from there. Kira suggested we stack all her blankets up and put McKinley on top of them, you know kind of like the story of the Princess and the Pea! Well here it is, Princess M! We didn't dare count the blankets. (And no on this one to, this Grammie didn't make all of them). Isn't this to cute. Kaitlyn thought we were crazy I know, but I think she liked the end result. It will be one of the pictures you don't want your first boyfriend to see! Kaitlyn has had so many nice gifts given to her, the clothes range in different sizes which is nice so she will have a chance to wear all of them at least once! I wonder if she has shoes to match, it's all about shoes to, right?

Kaitlyn wanted Kira to take pictures for McKinley's birth annoucements. We started going through the closet and everything was a little big still, so she settled with a cute little onsie and the brown bow because the annoucements are done in these colors. Everything has to match you know! Kira really did a good job on the pictures and MicKinley was awake and alert the whole time. I love getting together with the girl's, even if we don't really do anything but laugh and do silly things. We had a fun filled day.

Side note: This is the quilt that I told you about earlier in one of my posts, it matches Kaitlyn's diaper bag. The colors in it are so cute and bright. It has bright green corduroy patch's mixed into the blocks, and I also used it in the backing as well.


Lindsay said...

What a fun girls day! I love looking at the closet...girls are just too hard to resist buying for! That Miss M sure is a doll. Love that cute face!

Alice said...

You guys have too much fun when you get together. What great memories.