October 6, 2008

Meet Uncle "Cacup" (Jacob)

Ever since Hatch could talk he has called Jacob "Uncle Cacup", he now says Jacob, but once in awhile we find ourselves calling him "Cacup". Jacob met McKinley for the first time on Friday afternoon before he went hunting with Stuart & John. He has always been so cute with the his nieces and nephews. Hatch has always looked up to Jake. He loves it when he comes from Idaho to see him. He had a hard time adjusting when Jake moved there, and I think it was just as hard on Jake too. We all miss Jacob's silliness around here but we sure do love it when he finds the time to come home. Here are a few cute pics of Jacob with the kids, I didn't have one of him and Thayne. We miss you Uncle "Cacup"!

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Anonymous said...

I love that my kids think he is the greatest. I wish he were here more. I remember Hatch calling him "Geekup" though/