October 17, 2008

BFF Gold Card Award

I received a BFF Award(Blogging Friends Forever) from Sarah Castillo, Sarah was my partner in the We the People Sewing Organizing Swap. Thanks for the honor Sarah. It's been really fun getting to know other people through blogging. I've made a few new friends this way. Now it's my turn to choose. The rules are: Only 5 people for the award. 4 of them need to be dedicated followers of your blog and the 5th one has to be new and live in another state or part of the country. You have to link back to who gave you the award. Check out my award selection and their blogs.

My first award goes to Kira because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be blogging. She was the one to help me set my site up. She is my trouble shooter when I need ?'s answered. Kira, you should be proud of me, I figured out the linking thing all by myself!

2nd would be Chelsey Ercanbrack because she always leaves the nicest compliments and comments after reading my posts. She also has a darling blog, although it's private. Sorry.

The 3rd award goes to Suzee Anderson. She's not on my blog list but she let's me snoop in on her once in awhile, she does the neatest post on Thursday called Thursday's Angel. This is such an inspirational message on someone close to her. Thanks Suzee, I just need my trouble shooter to help me get you on my list.

My 4th award goes to Kaitlyn, she doesn't have a computer but she tries to do her best to keep up to date with her posts whenever she can get to a computer. She will have alot more to blog about now that little McKinley is here. She just posted something real cute, check it out. I couldn't get Kaitlyn's to link, so go to my side bar and link there.

My 5th BFF Award and from out of state goes to Lucy or Mama Bryd in Stark City, Missouri. We have gotten to know each other a little bit through her e-mails. Lucy has organized the Sassy Apron Swap that I am in. Thanks Lucy. And just a little something extra, she has heard of Corn Wagon Quilts clear back there in Missouri. Now she just needs to come visit the shop.

Who in the heck thinks of all these fun things to do when your blogging?


Collette C. said...

I'm so disappointed that I didn't make your list of award recipients. I'm one of your most dedicated followers, but I'm really just a blurker. I enjoy seeing all the amazing things you create. I just want you to know how very proud I am of you for receiving this prestigous award. Way to go little sis'!

Suzee said...

Hey - thanks so much for the award! I have sent my own on. That was fun! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog and on the award! You are a sweetie!

Shortcake and Company said...

Thanks, Shannon!! What a sweetie you are. ;)