October 29, 2008

A Mom has bragging rights!!

Check out what rolled into Spanish Fork Saturday night, he must be somebody important by the look of the truck and trailer he's pulling. Well to me he is, Jacob was in Salt Lake over the weekend to a snowmobile show and he was pulling all the gear, a four wheeler and a $25,000 snowmobile (What!). That's alot of money he's hauling around. It was good to have him home even if it was just for overnight. We got some visiting in and he stayed and enjoyed Sunday lunch with us. He loves Idaho and the work he his doing, where else could he work and get payed to play. No really he does a really good job writing for these 3 magazines.

Getting ready to leave home, it's always hard on me when the kids leave. I want them to be safe when traveling, so I tell him to call me when he gets home and most of the times he does. What a relief it is to me when I get that phone call saying he's made it into the valley he now calls home.

These are the magazines that Jacob writes for, the article Room for the Horses, was written by Jacob and was about his own obsessions with diesel trucks. This was his first article. Jacob is now an Editorial Assistant at Harris Publishing in Idaho. These magazines aren't quite like my quilting magazines but I have a little collection of my very own that I pull out to show to people just so I can brag a little. A mother can do that right? He always bring home the lastest issue before it goes out in the mail, and yes I do read them, but just his work. I can't understand them buy I give it a try!

In the Diesel Tech Magazine Jacob has his very own column and he has titled it Blowin Smoke. He writes about a small subject for every issue, I think I already know what the next one will be about. On the way home Sunday, Stuart got a text picture of Jacob's truck, he had had a tire blow out just out of Salt Lake. Now you know why this Mother worries! Anyway he got it changed and back on his way hauling all that important stuff, like the gear, the snowmobile, but the most important in the truck, Jacob. I love this boy and miss him alot.


Suzee said...

Hey, I think if your son turns out to be some BIG WIG, you have every right to brag!!! Great Job Jacob!

Shortcake and Company said...

How fun is that? It's crazy he's all grown up and stuff. What a perfect "job" for him. I bet it was the best having him home.