October 24, 2008

Aprons: Our project for Simply Sewing 101

I call these the everyday housewife apron, it's a new take on an old apron that was popular with housewifes back in the good old days. They used to carry their clothespins in them or other things that needed carted from room to room. Aren't they cute! Today they could be used for just about anything, cooking, crafting, sewing, etc. We are making them in our next Simply Sewing 101 class on Nov. 12th.
On this apron I lengthened the ties so they could be wrapped around in back and then tied in the front.

This is a fun retro Christmas apron, I added the green ric-rac as I sewed the bias tape on to give it the retro look. You can't ro wrong with a little ric-rac!

These are the child's size apron's that I have made, doesn't every little girl want to be just like mom. What a fun gift idea, you could give a apron and include with it a fun little baking set and a child's cookbook. The ladies seemed to be really excited about this one, we'll start out simple. Who know's maybe they will be ready to attempt a ruffly one by the new year!


Kaitlyn said...

I cant wait to have you help me do my apron and make on for kristen. i am so excited and i hope spme day i can be as good as you are in sewing. its hard to sew now that i have McKinley i really dont have the free time, i might have a purse party in December down here i have had a lot of people ask me about it. i know kira just had one but thats ok you guys don't need to buy anything.

Laura said...

Those are all so cute! I love the retro Christmas one, and the pink & brown children's one. How fun!! I wish I could sew :)

Made your pumpkin choc. chip cookies yesterday and my husband LOVES them! Thanks!