October 20, 2008

She's all girl!

To cute! Karas was in the dress up mode last night. She found the plastic shoes, and her baby, but she kept saying something over and over that sounded like purse. So both me and Kira came to the conclusion that that is what she was saying. I had been experimenting with some bag patterns and had made this little bag so I let Karas have it, and we found some things to put in it. Every purse needs lotion, but an empty bottle wouldn't do, she knew nothing was coming out of it, gosh Grammie! She had a comb and we found her a cute key fob. She was so happy with her new loot. Now let's go shopping!!!


Collette C. said...

How cute! We must be doing something right. Last night I asked Lindsay what they were doing today, since school is out in Iron County for harvest holiday. Lindsay turned to Quincy and asked, "What should we do tomorrow?". Without even thinking, Quincy answered, "LET'S GO SHOPPING." You should have seen the look of pride and happiness on Lindsay's face. Of course, Lindsay said this is the same 3-year-old who complained about shopping at University Mall the day before. Girls. You gotta love 'em.

Shortcake and Company said...

That is very cute! I love the twinkled shoes and bag. I love that girls are so...girly! ;)

Alice said...

She is getting so big. What a cutie.