October 12, 2008

Simply Sewing 101

I think I've gotten myself into something that's going to be both fun and exciting at times! I've taken on the role as a sewing teacher! (Just call me Mrs. Wendell or Mrs. Manwaring if you know what I mean. They were my Jr. High sewing teachers back in the day) They have asked me to teach a simple sewing class in our ward the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Wednesday night was our first class and we made a simple Christmas pillowcase. It has a cute poem attached to it that you give the 1st day of December.( See below) I think the ladies had a good time and they actually went home with a finished project.

This is my Aunt Dale, I don't know why she signed up for Simply Sewing 101 because she already is a beautiful sewer, and look she brought 3 of her daughters for support! It really was fun to see them and to visit with them. I think Aunt Dale said she was going to make about 21 pillowcases for her great grandkids, good luck Aunt Dale.

Chelsey Ercanbrack made the cutest pink and green pillowcase for her little girl Ainsley. (By the way Chelsey just happens to be my sweet neice) She dosen't have a sewing machine so I took mine for her to use. Get this, she opted for a pair of Ugg boots instead of a machine for Christmas last year, what's wrong with this girl? I hope she gets to love sewing so much that she's going to want to ask Santa for a sewing machine this year! You did a great job Chelsey I was very proud of you.

The first group of Simple Sewers 101, Angela Escamilla, Amberly Collett, Dondy Chynoweth, Chelsey Ercanbrack, Dale Smith and myself.

December the first starts a magical time,
With all sorts of colors, ribbons, and rhyme...
Sugar plum fairies will dance in your head...
If you put this special pillowcase on your bed.
The reason it's special, as you will soon see
Is that it's been dusted with Christmas Fancy!!!
Visions of candy canes, Santa and treasures
Will fill each dream with sweetness and pleasures.
When the time comes for it to be washed
Do it quickly so no magic is lost.


Shortcake and Company said...

I really had fun, Shannon. I'm so lucky to have you in my ward and as my teacher. My two kiddos sure loved the pillowcases too.i

Kaitlyn said...

Your pretty much the best mom ever. how fun is it to get to do this service for the ward. I bet they loved it and had a ball. they are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.