October 3, 2008

Bathing Beauty!

I have a picture just like this of my mom giving Kaitlyn her first bath, it seems that we were just doing that, and now here I am 20 years later helping her do the same with Miss M as Kira calls her. She is such a doll, she really didn't mind her bath at all. You forget how tiny their little bodies are, one thing she has though is really long feet. Kaitlyn says she gets those from Mike.

I thought this was so cute how her hand had found her binky!

McKinley has so many cute outfits in her closet, it was hard for Kaitlyn to pick something out for her to wear, most of the newborn things are plenty big, I told her it won't take long till she will fit into them the way these little things grow! And oh, the bow thing that was even worse, what a collection she has already. We oohed and aahed over all of them we put on her. I told Kaitlyn it was like playing with a baby doll, but this time it was for REAL! But here she is already for the day, we spent it napping, eating and rocking with Grammie in the rocking chair. She like's to be swaddled and cuddled up close!


Alice said...

She looks so good for a new born!

JanTSouthwick said...

McKinley is precious! I want to be a Grandma too. I would love to play that dress up thing just like we did with our dolls.

Shortcake and Company said...

Sooooo cute!! What a fun little group of grandbabies you're getting!