October 13, 2008

We've been "BOO'D"!

Me and Stuart have been "BOO'D"! In a good way though. I was talking to Kaitlyn on the phone and I thought I heard a little knock on the front door. It was getting late so both of us had changed into our p.j.'s so I just let it go. I usually check the door before going to bed to make sure it's locked and I'm glad I did, this was on the front step! A plate of cookies and a cute Halloween verse. How thoughtful of someone to think of these old empty nesters, I thought our Trick or Treating days were over! How fun, now I get to return the favor to two other people in the area that we live in. I have so many yummy treat recipes it's going to be hard to pick something fun to do, and who are we going to pick to be "BOO'D". I better get started though I only have 2 days to do it. Watch out it could be YOU!

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