July 27, 2010

Night #2

After the quilt show on Saturday afternoon it was time to get ready for some more rodeo action. I think Yvonne and Alex enjoyed the night with us. Boy did we have a surprise for them!
We surprised them with having the rodeo announcer recognize them in the audience as coming the farthest to the rodeo. I think they are blushing don't you? What a fun night we had with the kids and Yvonne and Alex.
The kids and the clowns. It's pretty hard getting these little ones to stay still for a picture. But we try anyway.
I had bought tubs of cotton candy for the grandkids but we found out they didn't have the taste buds for it. Are these my grandkids? How can you not like this stuff? Kaitlyn and Kira always looked forward to the 24th celebration just so they could have this sticky treat. Eat til your hearts content. Silly girl's!
Jacob and Angie couldn't resist the cotton candy either. It's melt in your mouth yummy!
Aunt Kira and Kinners having some fun.
Nothin like being in the spotlight!
Another year of rodeo down. We hope we have the opportunity to invite Yvonne and Alex again. I hope they didn't mind the craziness of us and the grandkids.
Enjoying the fireworks after the rodeo. Front row seats for the last couple of years makes this tradition fun.
Pretty, huh?

One little, two little, three little indians watching the fireworks. Isn't this a cute picture? I think so. Same place next year at this time.

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