July 10, 2010

Good Things Utah!

It's always fun to get together with my daughters, Kira and Kaitlyn. We had such a fun time at Good Things Utah on July 1st. Kira was invited to go shopping with Alicia Richmond from Chic on a Shoestring. She was doing an episode on differnet body types and how to camoflage your problem areas. Kira had a great time shopping and getting some good advice from her. Kaitlyn and Myself waiting for the show to begin.
Here is Kira's outfit that Alicia helped her pick out. She looked adorable. From the pink sweater, print shirt and the darling capris, she was a perfect model. And the jewelry was just the right accent for her whole outfit. She did say the shoes were kind of out of her league but they were cute too. She called them 10 minute shoes!

Here is Necia, Angie and Marti getting ready for opening of the show. Reagan was on location that morning, doing her duties at the South Jordan Rodeo.
Alecia Richmond explaining why they picked out the outfit she wore on the show. This segmant was my favorite that day. I wonder why!
All of the models looked terrific.
Here we all are with the Good Things Utah girls. Even Kaitlyn got her moment of fame on the show that day. This was our second trip to the show and I suppose it won't be the last. If you haven't done this before, you should go and meet these awesome ladies.
Go here to find out more about the show.
(Sorry for the smudgy spot in all my photo's, I didn't realize I had a fingerprint on my lens.)


Yvonne said...

You are all looking so cute together, even with the fingerprint!
Was this a television show you all went? Love Kira's outfit and I can imagine the shoes are '10 minutes shoes'!

Angie said...

Oh my gosh! Looks like fun :) Kira's outfit was SHUT-UP cute, and she looks so tan, its just not fair ;)