July 7, 2010

Flower and Birdie Updates!

Here's an update on our sweet little humming bird, or humming birds I should say. Last week Stuart noticed the eggs had hatched in the nest and this is what we could see just barely sticking out of the nest. Two little beaks, cute huh? As of this morning I can't see anything going on in the nest, I wonder if the mama has taken them somewhere. I hope not, I wanted to watch them all summer long and besides she has left a big mess she needs to come back to clean up! Can you see the beaks sticking out?
And the other update, my favorite flower boxes are beginning to blossom into some beautiful, vibrant colors. There are purples and pinks, yellows, reds and little bit of orange. I can't wait till they are in full bloom. This photo was taken last week on my way to work. I bet there will be even more color there tomorrow. I'll update some more later on.

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Yvonne said...

Wow, I never saw a hummingbirds nest before. We don't have them in the Netherlands. It looks a bit like a swallows nest doesn't it?
The flowers are blooming beautifully!