July 28, 2010

Horsen Around!

Monday afternoon we were to take Yvonne and Alex on a horse ride. But because of the thunder and lightning and then the rain we had to put it off. We picked Yvonne and Alex up at their hotel room in Provo and we were off for a ride up to Strawberry Lake. We drove up Spanish Fork Canyon and then over to Strawberry. And were off!
During the ride we saw many deer out grazing in the meadows.
Stuart took one of his 30/30's for Alex to shoot. We stopped along the way and let both Alex and Yvonne shoot. They had never shot one of these bad boys before. They both had alot of fun shooting. I think we have Alex hooked!

Ready, aim, fire!

A real cowboy. Yvonne and Alex had gone shopping earlier in the day in preparaion for thier horse ride. Darn it all! Don't they both look snazzy all dressed up in their cowboy gear?

Alex took an instant bonding to Stuart's pick up. Rarely do you see anything this big in the Netherlands. He just had to have a picture taken in the cab of the truck. A whole new experience. Don't you think they look like Clamity Jane and the Sundance kid? Funny huh? Yvonne thought that's what they looked liked. We laughed and laughed.
After coming out of Strawberry we drove down to Daniels Summit and had a very nice supper. Great mountain resort cooking.

We made a promise to Alex that we would take him to see the horses after supper so we headed to Santaquin to see our four legged friends. Patch, Lurp, Dan and Bernnerd were pleasantly surprised to see to so many visitors at one time.
They had fun petting and playing with all four of them. It's our hope that we will have the chance to show Alex and Yvonne the Utah mountains on a horse ride. Maybe we can squeeze that in before they go back to their country. If not, we will definately do it on their next trip to the states. We will keep our promise Alex and Yvonne!

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Yvonne said...

Ohh....did we just laughed about your post! Two funny people playing with guns! We had a great time that shows! The horses I really love, they took already a peace of my heart. Can't wait for that horseride!