July 10, 2010

Sewing+Sisters+St. George=FUN!

What do sewing, sisters and St. George all have in common. That would be FUN! My weekend in St. George started off by teaching the Lilianna quilt at Dave's Bernina on Thursday morning. What a fun class this was, small in size but they packed alot of punch, those ladies did. First of all, what would a quilt class be without chocolate. I took coconut M & M's and a bottled water for everyone. These yummy M & M's were on the market last year and I couldn't get enough of them. I was so tickled to see them again this summer. You need to try these, but I'm warning you their addicting, especially if you like chocolate and coconut together.
These ladies really had some fun stuff to work with.
Myself and all of the class members. They have my e-mail address and I told them I wanted pictures of their finished quilts. How they comin' girl's?
I took my sewing machine this trip. Later that night I pulled out the sample that I was demostrating on to finish piecing it together. I am making this quilt out of the Fruitcake line from Basic Grey for Moda. It's going to be a Christmas Lilianna. I did finish piecing it together and just finished binding it yesterday. Watch for pictures in the next couple of days. I also finished a halloween quilt and made a bag all the while we were chatting and laughing. You can watch for those pictures too.
Thursday after class I met my sister, Collette and we went to dinner at Iggy's and then it was off to find the new Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake shop. That wasn't hard at all, it's really quite close to our house. I have a feeling this won't be the last of many frequent stops while I am in St. George. I choose the toasted coconut cupcake, see I told you I was nuts about coconut!
Collette relaxing and enjoying the yumminess of our jaunt to the cupcake shop!
Friday morning we waited the arrival of Tamara and Karissa. We sure did miss Jan, Annette and Deb though. It's not the same without everyone there. Collette brought us all a cute and funky cup holder, I guess that's what you would call it. They were all blinged out and they had such ribbons tied around them. Attached to the ribbon was this cute poem.
It's all about the Diet Coke so why not have the perfect glass to drink it from. Even the straw was decorated.
This is my cup, can you see the letter S right there on the front. And check out the crown on top. Very cute, huh? The whole cup was pink glitter. Wait til I show at work with my new cup. Everyone will be so jealous. Love it, thanks Collette for spoiling us.
Karissa and her cup, it was purple and black. There was a tiara and a princess wand attached to her cup, so fitting. She has always been a little princess, so it was perfect for her.
This is what I spoiled them with. I made each of them a little pouch that fits just right in their purse. And I also gave them one of Marianne's cute wool flowers. The pattern for the bag is called Snap Happy Bags, it's something I picked up in Panguitch. They are really fun to make and so easy. You use part of a metal measuring tape inside the upper band and that's what holds the bag closed. You open the bag by pulling on the prairie points.
We tried to do different things and try out different places to eat. Friday for lunch we went to a place called 25 Main. It's a soup, sandwich and salad eatery. I knew I was going to like it because they had decorated with Amy Butler fabric and that says to me they have good taste. And also we found out they have cupcakes in all sorts of flavors. I do admit, I think their cupcakes were better than Sweet Tooth Fairy, sorry. We had sandwichs and salads. Very good I thought. I will visit them again and just not for the cupcakes. Oh yea, they serve breakfast to.
In the front window they had these balls hanging from the ceiling. If you look really close you can see they were made from cupcake liners. Oh, how clever. They had attached them to a styrafoam ball and then lightly spray painted them. Wouldn't these be fun to make for any kind of celebration? I will have to give them a stab one of these days.
Cupcake heaven, they really did have an array of choices. It was so hard to decide on one. We all got a different kind and then we spit them four ways. They were all good, not a bad one in the bunch.
Say cupcake!
We ended up at the mall and we all tried something new there. I couldn't resist putting a buck in the massage chair. What a great idea, that was some massage. Then Collette had to give it try.
Can I just sit here the rest of the day?
Tamara didn't know what to think. She laughed the whole time it was running, now how can you relax and laugh at the same time? I wish I could of got my video to load of this, sorry you missed it.

Back home and having show and tell. This is something we have always do when we all get back from a day of shopping. I guess you could say this tradition all started with my Dad. Everytime we would take Mom out shopping, when we got home Dad would say, "Let's see what you bought me chicks"! He always called his girl's chicks. It didn't matter how many bags or how much we had purchased, he was just happy we were all together and doing something we loved.
First thing Saturday morning we headed for Old Navy. I take that back it wasn't the first thing, we couldn't get moving, so I should say it was about noon when we finally left the house. We finished up our shopping there and while I was checking out I could hear lots of laughing going on towards the front of the store. Collette was the first to notice. And I might get in trouble for this but. . .
Wholey, moley is right. And you know me, my camera instantly came out of my bag! How in the heck did this happen. Well we couldn't stop laughing about this funny situation. Some little girl had pulled the mannaquins pants down and it was drawing quite the crowd. Now, why didn't the mother go over and fix the problem? Would you? Just think about it for a minute! That would of been even funnier I suppose. It was going to be a great day!
Lunch at Brick Oven and Karissa enjoying her chocolate mousse pie! Yup, that's all we do. Eat, shop and to it all over again. But we do seem to get caught up on family and what everybody is doing. I can't wait till we are all together, all six of us. We are planning to do this in October again, but this time we want our girl's to join us. Now that will be a party, won't it? I can't wait.


Jan Marie said...

looks like too much fun.

alaynamarriott said...

I'm glad to see you {young ladies} still know how to have lots of fun! So grateful to have a sister of my own.....sisters are the BEST! Can you imagine ALL of the Thomas Chicks under one roof? How fun!!!

Yvonne said...

What a great weekend you had with your sisters. Spoiling each other with gifts, shopping, eating and just having fun what else can you wish for! The 'Wholey Moley guy' is to funny!

JanTSouthwick said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry right now. It looks like I missed out on so much fun!! But I'm glad it was another great sister trip. LOVE the manequin!

It did make me a little sad with knowing I missed out on the fun and showing the days greatshopping finds and one of the great memories of silly Dad and how much he loved us all.

Lindsay said...

Count me in for October! It's been so long since we've all been together...something to definitely look forward to!
So glad you all had such a great time. My mom always comes home so happy after spending time with
"the chicks". We have a pretty great family, don't we?