July 26, 2010

When life gives you scraps, make a posie!

Last week was one full of classes. On Wednesday I taught my pretty, pretty posie to whole bunch of ladies at the Utah Valley Quilt Guild Fair. This is an annual event that takes place every July. They have different mini classes that you can choose from, they have a quilt auction and they serve lunch and have baked goods for sale. I was asked about 2 months ago if I would teach a technique of some kind. I finally came up with my posie to teach. It was the hit of the fair. Not only did I teach it in the morning, I was asked by the organizer to teach it a second time in the afternoon. Standing room only in both classes. I am really glad that I had cut about 150 of these little posie kits. I would of been sad if everyone hadn't gotten one.
I'm starting to panic at this point. Not very many yet, but by the time class had started it was packed. Whew! This many would have been just fine by me.

This is a long time friend of mine, Lisa Dunn. We go back a long ways. We both have sewed and crafted together many times. She did a class that day on making things out of old sweaters. A unique and fun class. Oh she is so clever. I just might have to have her come to my simply sewing class. I bet she would love to do that!
There were more there than I thought I would know. Here's Lynn and Betty and Nettie. I have had these three ladies in bag classes before. It was nice to visit with them. It makes it a little easier to teach when you recognize someone in the crowd.
These two are Spanish Forkers too, Leslie and Jan are long time friends as well. It was good to chat with them. I am so glad they choose my class so we could do so.
Here are some of the many things I displayed with all the posies I've been making.
I have had this spa robe and slippers hanging around in my closet for sometime now. They were just plain and simple white. So I added a posie to the slippers and to the robe I added the bias trim around the belt, bottom and sleeves and then topped it with a posie.
Very cute I think.

A bunch of the posies on the garden gate. Can you see the really small pink ones, they are little barrets for babies. I cut the squares 1 1/2" by 1 1/2". Small but cute!
You can put these posies on just about anything. I even put them on flip flops.
This is a denim bag I found at Wal-Mart on clearance for $7.00. I made the posies from red and khaki and the sash was a red and khaki stripe. I used vintage silver buttons for the centers and hung a red tassel with the sash. Not so plain anymore.
I make these shirts for McKinley and Karas. Also summer clearance from Target. Using the posies dresses them up just right.
I even blinged out this apon. I added pink tulle to the brown flower and added a shiny button. Sorry you can't see it very well.
Some of the class members in the afternoon class.
At the fair they also have vendors set up. Of course I couldn't come away empty handed. I picked up these charm packs from Konda, she was selling them at buy three items get one free. I didn't get any of these at market so I bought the Pure line from Sweetwater and Fandango from Kate Spain. I thought both of these lines would make cute baby quilts for the new little one we are getting in December. It looks like I will be using the brown and blue Pure line. We are getting a boy!

My other purchase for the day were these braclets made from vintage earrings. I couldn't pass them up, you know me and jewelry. I love anything unique. Aren't they just cute. I wore the earth tone one to work the next day and got so many compliments on it.
I will make sure this event is an annual one to attend. You should to if you live in the area.


Steven and Ginger said...

The Poises are darling. Do you have a pattern for them?

Yvonne said...

So many ideas for using the Possies Shannon! And now I can make them too! I just loved the possies on Karas and McKinley at thr rodeo! They were just so cute!

Lisa said...

What a fun day we had! Everything you do is so cute and creative. It's always great to check out your blog. I'm glad you're my friend.

Jan Marie said...

Oh, I want to learn to make the posies. Looks like you had fun.