July 28, 2010

Field Trip!

I met Yvonne and Alex at the Springville Art Museum on Tuesday before I went into work. They are sponsoring their yearly quilt show. I am so glad Yvonne had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful quilts in our state. They are all tremendous. If you get the chance stop in and see them for yourself.
This quilt won best of show. It is titled Lillies of the Valley. It is gorgeous. I'm sorry for not jotting down the makers name and city.
This was a fun Halloween quilt that had alot of detail to it. Yvonne really liked this one. In the Netherlands they don't celebrate this spooky holiday.
After the museum we made our way up to the Corn Wagon. This is a place Yvonne has been waiting to visit. We took a picture together of the Utah quilt I surprised her with at the Spanish Fork quilt show. Has anyone seen Alex? I wonder where he went? I see feet sticking out from under the quilt, maybe it's Alex!
This picture is taken in front of the wool supplies at the shop. I hope they had a pleasant experience while visiting with everyone.
Here I am at the cutting table upstairs. Yvonne found the perfect fabric for her Fat Quarter bag .
And downstairs at the cutting table. Yvonne picked out Park Avenue by Moda for her My Favorite Bag. She is also taking kits back to Yvonne and Rennie so they can all make these bags at one of their sewing Bee's. Dosen't that sound like a fun day? I wish I could join them. Maybe someday.
Corn Wagon's owner Marsha Harward and the Van Rijn's.
A picture in front of the shop before leaving. What's that under your arm that you just about forgot, Yvonne? I hope you enjoyed your afternoon there and I hope you will return real soon. Thanks for letting me in on your field trip!

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Yvonne said...

It was a great day at the Corn Wagon and Quilt Show. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to buy some fabric I need, I will do that probably on the 12th! It was so much fun to meet everyone!