July 26, 2010

Fat Quarter Bag!

Everythings coming up bags these days! Last Thursday evening I taught the Fat Quarter Bag at the Corn Wagon. This bag is such a useful bag. It can be used as a pool bag, child's sleepover bag, travel bag, laundry bag, etc. the list could go on and on. this bag holds everything plus the kitchen sink. Here is Katie, Malin, and JoAnn showing off their works of progress. Not quite finished but oh so close.
Mother daughter team, Nanette and Whitney with their finished bags. These two have been part of the bag ladies for months now. They love getting out and sewing together. I wonder what they are doing with all their bags?
Sharon's sewing buddy Lorraine couldn't make it on Thursday night so she brought her daughter, Ashley with her. They both had the cutest fabric and they also finished their bags. Ashley is going to be using hers for a school bag.
Kim's bag was made for her little girl to use when she goes on sleepovers. I am so proud of all these ladies for getting their bags finished during the class. We have lots of fun sewing together. There will be no bag ladies class in August. We will resume again in September with a fabulous fall line up of bags. You don't want to miss any of them. Check the Corn Wagon website to see whats on the class list for the fall.
See you in the fall!

2 comments: said...

AH! Nan and Whitney take your classes!? How awesome! I knew them years ago when they were in my ward growing up. Back then Whitney was only 3! That's so cool. Maybe I'll have to stop by the next bag class and say 'HI!'

btw- when is Yvonne coming? I don't want to miss giving her the patterns she won!

joansie said...

Malynn and I LOVED bag class-and we finished our fat quarter bags at home the next morning. Thanks for a great time!