July 28, 2010

We Meet At Last!,,

The table is set, the welcome basket is prepared and the dutch oven dinner is done! Bring on the guests.

Look what's inside. Products made in Utah and several related "BEE" items. This representing the Beehive state and that Yvonne belongs to a "BEE" in the Netherlands.
Meeting at last. Meet our new friends Alex and Yvonne. They loved the welcome basket. Look at that smile. I think Yvonne is as excited to be here as I am to have her. They are very cordial and down to earth. If not for their Dutch accent, one would think they were Americans. They speak fluent English. As we come to know each other better, we are finding so many things we have in common.
Yvonne and Alex also surprised us with some wonderful gifts from their country. I don't think they left anything out. Everything about the Netherlands was presented to us. What a nice gesture.

It's just like Christmas!
Everything featured is in the traditional Dutch color, Delf blue. This is a cute piggy bank and I bet you can guess why she included it in the gift basket. Yup, I have to start saving to visit there. Yvonne says "No more buying fabric!" Ha Ha, no more hunting for Stuart!
Also inside were, traditional peppermint candies, Dutch chocolate, a quilter's delight! There were coasters, ceramic wooden shoes, cow dairy creamer and Stroop Wafels, a cookie like treat or breakfast item.
Not only did Yvonne bring presents, some of her friends sent me gifts. What? These dish towels and postcards are from Yvonne #2. What nice gifts, thank you Yvonne for thinking of me.

Seinka sent this really cute pen, dosen't it look like a peice of quilter's cloth. A big thanks to you, Seinka.
From Rennie I received a mug with traditional Dutch fabrics. This was really to much, but thanks to all of you. I can't wait to meet you all some day. Any friend of Yvonne's is a friend of mine.
And look here, they even spoiled Stuart with gifts. A book about the Nerthlands so we can get planning our trip, when I don't know but hopefully someday. A wooden shoe with a special candy that is so yummy. And a big block of cheese. The Netherlands are known for their cheese products. And it was delicious.
After introductions and gift exchanges we settled in for a good old western supper and chat. We are so pleased with our new friends that we wanted you to meet them also. Watch for upcoming adventures of our time together. We would welcome the opportunity to entertain all of our new friends from Holland. See you soon?


JanTSouthwick said...

How nice of you friends. All of the presents are so cute. I love all of the blue. said...

I am kicking myself for not being over at the CW on Tues. I wish I could've met Yvonne. I've had a rough couple of days this week. Ugh, hope to be back to normal in a few days. So glad you two got to meet and spend some time visiting. What a cute gal!

Yvonne said...

What a kind and friendly post about our meeting Shannon! Alex and I are sitting here in our hotel room laughing out loud! You write so funny! And you have spoiled us even more than we have spoiled you! Maybe we get an opportunity to meet Emily before we leave on the 13th....

Rennie said...

How nice to read that you have a wonderfull time together. I'll be delighted to welcome you in the Netherlands in the future. So I think its 'savings time'. You already have got a Delft's Blue piggy bank. Its nice to read that you both enjoy the little presents form Holland and what a kind of honor you will hang Yvonne's quilt. What a honor for my friend.