July 27, 2010

Let's Rodeo!

Are you ready for some rodeo action? At the White house we love this time of year. This is something we look forward to all summer. We have been going to the Fiesta Days Rodeo for many years, almost 30. This year was no exception. The kids just have a ball sitting up close and getting in all the action. This year we invited some long time friends to attend with us. Aren't we fortunate to live in a country where we can have these freedoms to attend activities such as these.
Hatch and one of the bull fighters. See, now you know why the kids like sitting so close. Hob knobbing with the clowns and cowboys is always a plus. They even get a little dirt action at times.
This cute little boy is Carson Wright. He is the cutest little cowboy around. He was just as crazy as the clowns.

Jennie and Chris Wright are the parents of this fun lovin little boy. Jennie and Chris met while they were both working for us at the Oil Spout. They are just like family and we are so glad they still like coming to the rodeo with the White house gang. Jennie was so excited to be with us again.
Two tuff cowboys!

Ye haw!
One night down, one more to go!

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