July 27, 2010

I love a Parade!

This years 24th of July parade was an awesome one. We knew quite a few of the participants, which makes for a fun parade. Councilman Richard Davis, my brother-in law waving to the crowds. This year they invited their wives and families to ride with them. Yeah, for Tamara and Karissa. Richard was over the parade. No wonder it was a good one. Thanks, Rich.
Papa White passing out treats to the kids. We are lucky enough to have a spot of our own to watch the parade every year. We watch the parade at the Oil Spout.

And who are these cute celebrities? Oh my gosh it's our very own McKinley and Kaitlyn. As many of you know McKinley was chosen 1st place winner in her age catagory in the baby contest last week. What a cutie, both of them!

This was probably my favorite entry in the parade. Something new and fresh. They just put on a wonderful show. It's the Tongan branch for the LDS church from Provo.

Karas and Grandma enjoying the parade.

Don't bug me Grandma, I'm watching the parade!

So much sun, so little time!

Didn't we just see these folks in a Jeep? Now they are patroling the parade route in a golf cart. Tamara and Richard stopped by to say hi to the kids.

Wave to Kinsey, one of the Oil Spout employees. She is the new Maple Mountain High School's FFA president. They had such a cute entry. Way to go Kins.

Grandpa and Grandma with the kiddies. See you again next year!

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