July 11, 2010

Give Me S'MORE!

While I was in St. George with my sisters I ran onto these ginormous marshmallows, and knowing that we were going camping for the 4th of July weekend I made sure these went home with me. Were having S'Mores! So I made sure these items were packed in the trailer so we could make S'Mores around the camp fire one night.
The marshmallows were so big and puffy that Hatch could only get one at a time on his roasting stick.
My son-inlaw John is the best marshmallow roaster around. He fixes them just they way I like them. He spoils me by doing the work for me everytime.

I can eat this with dirty hands can't I Grandma?
Perfect! Golden brown all the way around and . . .
sticky on the inside! YUMMY! Once I get started on these I don't want to quit, but two was the limit that night, beings they were so big and I thought I better save some for the rest. Roasted marshmallows have always been a favorite treat for me. My family never did any camping so if we wanted this for a treat we would just turn on the oven broiler and stick a marshmallow on a fork and we would roast til our hearts content, I would say that was just like camping, wouldn't you?
Jacob, Angie, Hatch and Thayne just relaxing by the campfire and eating their giant marshmallows.
I think one will be enough!
How's your marshmallow Angie?
Just talking about roasting marshmallows makes me want one, give me "S More"!

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Yvonne said...

What a way to spend the 4th of July! Camping out with S'mores! We learned what that was when we were vacationing in a cabin in Maine years ago. Kelly loved it! We even took marshmellows, Graham crackers and Hershey chocolate home and we made them at home too with my parents round the fire place. So much fun and such a nice memory!
I love the taste of them....Mjammie!