July 25, 2010

Another Mystery Bag class!

Last Monday I had the opportunity to teach my mystery bag at Dave's Bernina in Provo. Just 4 showed up for the class but we had lots of fun getting to know each other. This is the same class I taught in St. George back in March.
Isn't this adorable? The fabric she chose was so summery and bright. Too bad she's not going to use it, it's going to be a Christmas present for her daughter. Now that's what I call a lady that's got the ball moving for Christmas. Who can think about Christmas when it's a 100 degrees outside? These two ladies were awesome sports. Neither one of them had made a bag before or had taken a class. Sharlene and Kaye are sisters can you tell? Sharlene lives right here in Spanish Fork and I have know her for a long time. It was great fun working with them. I hope to see them again sometime.

Mother, daughter team. Maudie and Ashley Bogert. Maudie is an employee at Dave's, she is the one in charge of finding the classes for both shops. Maudie is fun to be around, she's always willing to get me anything I need during classes. I can't wait to spend more time with her in St. George as she is moving there in the fall. Her and her husband are running the store down there.
Everyone's bags turned out super cute. Now see, don't you want to participate in some of this fun too. I would love to see you in one of my classes. Go here for more info on the classes at Dave's. The fall line up is taking shape.

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Jan Marie said...

oh, I wish I was close enough to take one of your classes.